Quick and HassleFree Access to Hospitals and Doctors Nearby

IntensiveCare is a solution to today's problems involving accidents that occur in the city. The biggest problem with cities like Delhi is that when an incident occurs, people just pass by it, or just stand there, and do nothing. This happens because either they don't have the time to stop and help the victim, or they don't want to get involved with the authorities, and report the incident.

Our Solution

We have created a hassle free system to help people find the nearest hospitals based on the location of the incident, and then help them get directions to it.


The app displays the nearest hospitals & clinics relative to the location of the incident, and provides navigation and guidance towards them.

These hospitals and clinics can also be seen plotted on a map, with contact information and emergency phone numbers (if available) overlayed.

This is a very simple concept, and the app has been intentionally made like this because in a situation like this, every second counts, and we want to avoid any hassle or delay that the user might face in such a situation. This is why the app gets directly down to what the user wants the most at the moment - the hospitals and clinics nearby, and their contact information.

Future Improvements

  • This whole system can be EASILY ported to Android.

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