Smart eye wear is the next break through in wearable technology (considering Google's interest in Project Aura). Getting live information about we are seeing and learning from it sounds interesting and fascinating - Tony Stark anyone?

The inspiration for this project is centered around Google Glass and the Clarifai API. We knew that the image-capturing hardware and software built into Google glass was a natural fit for Clarifai API and that this combination could have a very universal application if implemented correctly. Intellivision is an effortless way to generate search results from live images without actually entering any text. After developing this idea, we realized we could take this project to the next level by adding support for Myo hardware. Myo acts as a peripheral for Intellivision and further enhances the user's experience while using Google Glass. Throughout Spartahack, our mission has been to make the process of converting live images into useful searches as effortless as possible.

What it does

The project has both an Android phone app as well as Google glass app. Intellivision is a live augmented reality image tagging android application using Google Glass and MYO band. Whatever you see around with Google Glass on will be added with a list of tags using Clarifai app. The application offers a rich shopping experience by taking you to Amazon when a tag is clicked. You can operate it all with MYO - just flick your wrist! Apart from Google Glass app, the android phone app provides the same experience plus personalized tags using anlalytics on Firebase. It gives you histograms showing which tags you searched more.

Ok glass show me a demo

How I built it

The Android application was built with Android Studio using Firebase as its back-end for user authentication and analytics. The Google Glass app was created using the GDK + Android Studio. Myo functionality was also implemented in Android Studio. Intellivision uses Clarifai API to retrieve tags for the images sent from Android and Glass.

Challenges I ran into

There will very little developer support available for Google glasses. Also to get the right SDK to get the development on Google glass started was one big challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Well yay! Everything works. We hit each of our initial goals despite running into countless roadblocks along the way. Each time we had a major issue implementing one of the features (Clarifai, Myo, Glass, etc etc) we felt like giving up but each time one of our members came through and pushed the rest of us to completion! We worked together as a team, especially considering the fact that we did not know each other 36 hours ago!

What I learned

This was our first time working with technologies like Firebase, Clarifai, Myo, and Google Glass. We learned to develop with novel SDKs such as Glass GDK, Myo's Android/Glass companion, as well as new platforms. We also had the opportunity to introduce a completely new feature to Android.

What's next for Intellivision

Intellivison will grow with the enhancement of Clarifai API. There will be new additions to the API with the improvement in present outputs.

  1. We also want intellivison to be personalized for users. We will store the tags specific to each user and implement machine learning approach to give a personalized experience.
  2. The Google Glass has immense potential for the blind. Ironic right? The tags can be translated into speech easily to give the blind user a live experience of his surroundings.
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