• In today's world, everyone posts something online, whether it's an article, a photo, or a video, but it's difficult for your work to reach the right audience. Hashtags have evolved into a powerful tool for increasing engagement, organizing content, and connecting users across multiple social media platforms.
  • Did you know, posting with correct hashtags can increase engagement up to 100% (2x) for individuals and 50% (1.5x) for brands. Our Goal Through IntelliTags is to make your work more Visible and Approachable


  • It's Hard to Always find the best possible Hashtags for our Content, whether it is relevant or not, too specific or too vague, and sometimes one's just too lazy to research on it.
  • We came up with the idea of IntelliTags as an all-in-one solution for the top 3 kind of media i.e Text, Images and Videos.

🎮What it does:

  • The app is designed to intelligently analyse your content and create relevant Hashtags for sharing on Social media platforms.
  • Even Segregate Data on an industry level to efficiently create tags for easy searching and sorting of Text, Images and Videos.


🛠How we built it

  • Modzy, Kotlin, Figma, XML, AWS, Symbl.ai

🚩Challenges we ran into:

  • One of the first things was the new technology i.e. Modzy, with so many new models it was a difficult learning curve.
  • One Place we find ourselves stuck was while storing our images on a remote server and pipeline that information through the Modzy models to fetch data quickly.
  • A Good UI is always a little challenging, but having something which is visually aesthetic while helping the user understand what to do, can go a long way into make the app more user-friendly.

🎉Accomplishments that we're proud of:

1) We were able to benefit from multiple Modzy Models, and integrate them into an all-in-one solution for the Most Frequently used form of data, i.e. Text, Images and Videos. 2) Even as Beginners, creating a Project with Modzy help us Explore the AWS domain as well, which helped in Deploying the S3 Containers for cloud storage of our images and videos.

✨What we learned

  1. Modzy - MLOps & ModelOps
  2. AWS

❓ What's next for IntelliTags

  1. Our First aim is to create a band new modzy model to enable full video transcription, that can allow the user to upload their locally saved videos on the platform and get relevant tags for that.
  2. Next, we aim to expand the usability on even more types of images, which can intelligently analyse what’s in the picture without the need for text to generate tags!

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