What is IntelliScraper

This is an intelligent image scraper for the web that uses a simple python web scraper to generate images which are then refined based on output from a YOLO v3 Deep Learning model that extracts only the required images of objects and stores them in a separate sub-folder.

How To Run

  1. Download weights of model from the following link and paste in IntelliScraper folder:

  2. Run the following command for searching for some image on google for e.g. apple: python --search apple

Or add optional parameters like the number of images to download: python --search apple --num_images 20

  1. Run the following command to refine the acquired dataset intelligently: python --apple

  2. The "yolo_opencv" will create a subfolder "Intelliscraped" inside the fodler with the images with refined images automatically.

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