Energy crises & load shedding is a big issue in Pakistan and the consumers are not happy with their electricity bills. We want to provide a solution to the consumers which can help them reduce their electricity consumption resulting in saving money in bills and as a whole optimize electricity consumption.

Our system will have two approaches towards solving the issue. The first one would be focusing on instant saving while the other one will target behavioral change to reduce bills.

The implementation of this system will cost around $300 in a house of 5 rooms but we have estimated that the consumer will get full ROI with in an year or two. After that, its all savings.

The instant saving approach includes controlling and scheduling of all electric appliances over the internet. How many times it happens that we forget to switch off any appliance and it comes to our mind after we leave home. We provide an interface for the user to switch it off over the internet that would save him lot of money in his electricity bill. As an assumption if a user forgets his/her Iron on while leaving for work and then get notified by the system and turns it off twice a month, he would be saving around 500Rs that month. Similarly by scheduling of appliances the user can save lot on electricity means.

The behavioral change saving approach targets to help user slowly cut down electricity consumption by doing positive reinforcement. For example in Pakistan we have different terif for different times so our system will suggest user to iron clothes after 9pm or before 5pm when the terif rates are low. In case of simple ironing user would be saving another 500RS per month approx. Similarly by suggesting user to keep the thermostat of AC to 26 degree instead of 21 degree we can help user save around 2000Rs a moth easily. Beside these suggestions the users will compete in their communities to earn points. Everyone would be ranked in their community by their electricity consumption. The ones who consume least amount of electricity will get the highest ranks.

So by combining these approaches we have estimated on average saving of 1500RS to 2000RS per month to the user. This will eventually reduce the overall consumption of electricity in Pakistan.

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