When applying for jobs it does get hectic to manage to apply on all the various career pages, thus we created one place to apply to all the jobs available on various websites. It would be much easier if that would be automated and hence we tried to do the same.

What it does

It automates the process of application of jobs saving any to every individual a lot of time we waste applying to jobs with same category individually.

How we built it

We firstly used SELENIUM to built a function that can connect our database to the applications page so that we can retrieve applications available to the users.

The user can choose what company and job title would they like to apply to.

Then using REACT we provide the user the option to select the jobs he/she would like to apply to. Once the user fills out the information form on the webpage and we have the information needed to proceed every application we then go back to Selenium.

The we send that information to the applications of users choice and with the help of className (commonly referred as tags) apply the information to the field accordingly and then submit the application for the user.

Once applied to the user can see the list of jobs he/she has applied to till now.

Challenges we ran into

When using element className to fill out the info and selecting link, some of the elements did not have classNames. It was an error which didn't felt like it wasn't getting solved. But later we did some analysis on some other exisiting websites and after a good amount of time spent on web scraping , we found one potential solution and it worked. So yeah it was a tiny little Eureka moment we all had !

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We automated the process of job application which can save a whole lot of time for a lot of people.

What we learned

We learned a new language selenium to accomplish this task.

What's next for Intellijobs

Connecting multiple Career Jobs Pages and Related APIs and making the website much bigger and give more facilities for the user. We also made a feedback page on the site where you could give your suggestions and we will try to implement new features as per that.

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