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How it works

System will automaticaly online measure following parameters: Water use, Applied, Water intensity, economic productivity of water, as well: consumptive and non-consumptive water usage. System will measure automatically level of water loss in conveyances.

Distribution of water: sensors with automated system (refer to Temboo water tank system) will keep the appropriate level of water intensity in eg. rice plantation. Different source of water, eg. used, or new. Automated irrigation to prevent irrigations in "bad quality" soil. Sensors with additional measurements in different parts of plantation eg. temperature, humidity, etc.

DEMO: water tank which respresent the water on eg. rice plantation (must be set certain level of water for the rice). If water goes above certain level (stormwater) system are pumping the additional rain water into container for reusage.

Challenges I ran into

Integration of Things with help of Temboo

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

Current drought situation in California, different water parameters, basics about ARTIK system

What's next for Intelligent Water Distribution

Build described solutions with ARTIK and SMART THINGS OpenCloud (based on SAMI), analize Water Tank service from Temboo, improve descriptions of services, analytics by MEDIUM ONE, integration of all Things and Solutions into one product.

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