We are a team of enthusiastic professionals. We were looking for an idea with known demand and high business potential.

While searching, we attended a presentation by Salesforce ISV program program earlier this year. We noticed that Surveys are the highest demanded app in salesforce app exchange This indicated high business value in building a survey apps for salesforce app exchange program.

screeenshot of relevant slide from presentation.

What Inspired Us

Now that we had the idea, we also needed to think of ways to build it and launch it. When we heard of hackathon, we found it to be perfect opportunity to launch as it would give our technology quite a launching pad.

The technology has matured quite a bit in last few years. We wanted to create a rapid application development platform that enable us to rapidly create scalable business apps. Of course salesforce hackathon is the best place to prove that our platform can create rapid applications and also to create one such high business value application.

We also learnt about heroku which was the only missing piece for us to build, deploy and scale the application quickly and securely.

With all the factors coming together we decided to participate in the hackathon.

Who is our target user

Our target users are small to mid size companies using salesforce technology and app exchange program to find valuable business applications. We also would partner with salesforce ISV program to promote the app along with salesforce technology.

Components of our app

  • Creating surveys: This desktop like application enables creation of survey. The user uses a single screen to create surveys. The questions are based on previous answers by the user. It supports rich formatting of questions, multiple types of questions (e.g. single value/ multi value questions)
  • Runing surveys (including on mobile): This component is built using entirely different web UI components (html5) with mobile look and feel. The user can use touch interface to answer survey questions.
  • Survey results and charts: Once surveys are taken, the admin needs to see survey results. The results can be seen in charts. Various charts are possible. We display two types of charts.

What key features are we most proud of

The most key features we are proud of are

  • The Platform: Building such a complex application is only possible with careful selection of technologies and ways to integrate them. Using right technologies, two of us were able to built the app in 2 days. The complete application is only 500 lines of hand written code containing only 70 lines of database code. Our platform is very rapid development platform that will enable us to continue building valuable applications quickly.
  • Single code base for desktop and mobile: Our technology works on desktop as well as mobile devices without any modification or custom coding.
  • Horizontally and Vertically scalable: All software and hardware components of technology are carefully selected to be horizontally and vertically scalable (e.g. Heroku, GWT etc).

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