Natural disasters occur more and more around the world. However, emergency dispatch facilities have a limited responding capacity. We want to use the power of data to implement a large scale solution to that problem.

What it does

Victims of natural disasters can open our application and start chatting with our custom-designed emergency chat bot. By asking the right questions, the bot can accurately assess the severity of the catastrophe. The chatbot evaluates the user's response and dynamically adapts his questions. A hazard map locating the inured people is generated and can be sent to hospitals and dispatch centers to generate an optimal response.

How we built it

We have a python server running with Flask that hosts the chatbot runing on a mobile phone. The chatbot is powered by Cisco Spark. We use the Google Maps API to display the hazard map.

Challenges we ran into

Combining all the different languages. Sleep deprivation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is the first time any of us has ever done a server app.

What we learned

We are now hopefully full stack developers.

What's next for Intelligent Rescue

Seeking active collaborations with healthcare professionals

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