Mozzy, Bye! (An Intelligent Mosquito Repellent Network)

This is our second round of attending this amazing challenge!

Big Idea

A network of smart, flexible and autonomous devices that predicts the most effective time, location and technique to repel mosquitoes with minimum energy consumption and no impact on environment!

During the first round,

  • we developed a mobile app that collects data from the crowd
  • captures environmental parameters at the same time
  • created a prototype repellent device that gets triggered remotely through the app

The designed hardware worked perfectly during the first round. We have now a fully functional MVP which has even more potentials than what we thought initially,

Our app is performing very well with the functionality of “Notification”, the app sends alarms to the users (who have it running in the background) when they are getting close to the areas identified by AI as potential High Mosquito Density.

We could successfully connect AI code to the hardware and triggered selected repelling mechanism


Have a look at our app on either of the stores here:

iOS :



In this round we will:

  • update the app with following features:
    • bar chart showing mosquito density values in the same area as the user (as a guide)
    • access to website and a map of mosquitos to around 100m of the user's location

  • Update the website to present a map of the mosquitos based on the collected data
  • Update the AI system to detect individual repellent hardware and trigger according to the location of the hardware
  • Add an API for other users to access our database in their codes
  • Upgrade the prototype based on the results of the round 1
  • Generate the forecasting model based on the collected data


Our Potential Customers

The solution we are proposing works for any area with mosquito problem specifically if identification of mosquito type is difficult and removing them from the environment is not an option or not practically possible. Basically, our free-standing units can be installed anywhere and controlled remotely via the linked mobile app or autonomously through smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Our potential customers could be a wide range of businesses including but not limited to:

  • Schools,
  • Universities,
  • Childcares,
  • Council parks, footpaths, etc.
  • Manufacturing plants,
  • Outdoor Sport courts,
  • Farms,
  • Construction sites,
  • And even backyard of any house


Our Team:

  • Mason Jafari (Team Leader)
  • Nariman Mahdavi
  • Rahmat Heidari


Hypothesis Description

  • Collect crowd information to identify critical locations in terms of density of mosquitos
  • Install the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at a sample location to trial connection from AI model to MVP.


Experimental Plan

  • Utilise Newcastle Uni students to use the app and collect data
  • A simulated prototype to trial multi device control through the app


Future Development

We have big plans for our product because we think our approach is unique. To achieve the best results, we have the following plans.

  • Manufacturing at least 10 units and install on the trial sites.
  • Further development of the mobile app to add Auto/Manual functionality. This is to activate the “Mozzy, Bye!” hardware either through AI forecast or the user can manually activate the units.
  • Development of AI based multi-agent systems and coordinated control of devices.
  • Further data analysis and pattern recognition through Artificial Intelligence techniques


Budget Plan

  • App upgrade, website improvement and server costs: $3,000 to $4,000
  • Hardware: $500 to $1,000
  • Contingency: $500



  • App and website: 3 to 4 months
  • Hardware: 1 to 2 months


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