HydroTrek Smart Water Internet of Things (IoT) and Analytics can be integrated with the Predix Intelligent Environment API. HydroTrek has multiple software modules that integrate IoT, SCADA and Analytics. These modules are a key subset of the smart ecosystem. The real-time water distribution system (WDS) modeling extension (RMX) is the primary module. A separate SCADA transformer extension (XFX) is used to massage raw WDS data, and a SCADA database management extension (SDX) is used to manage a local database that is in turn used by other modules. Separate software has also been developed to performed detailed WDS contaminant source backtracking and analysis (QTX). Collection system modeling in the cloud is performed using a separate module (HydroTrek – SWMM) while being coupled with web services. Runoff and green infrastructure modeling can also be performed in a cloud-based environment (HydroTrek – Stormwater Calculator) using any desktop or mobile device.

What it does

It shows that the sensors can be used to detect road flooding.

How I built it

I hacked the reference app.

Challenges I ran into

Getting simulated data to populate the output. App is bound to a time-series service also but I could not get that plumbing working correctly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to post a working website to the Predix cloud, and created the hooks to tap into the services.

What I learned

How to use a variety of tools to put together the whole picture.

What's next for Intelligent Environment App with HydroTrek Analytics

Figure out how to analyze video feeds to detect road flooding by leveraging the my previous computer vision work that estimated the amount of water entering or exiting a manhole.

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