Lotus Notes had a good UI, but was highly inefficient and clunky. We aimed to improve on that basic framework and make it "smart": streamline the workflow, use AI to automate menial tasks, and make it easy to use and manage.

What it does

Instead of manually toiling through all the legislation available, an AI will sort through legislation based on relevance to the user and the impact of legislation, e.g prioritizing DOE bills that involve budget for this challenge. Once in the bill overview tab, the user will be able to see bill information, manually flag the bills as supported or opposed, and assign testifiers. The AI will also automatically suggest testifiers that testimony needs to be written by, based on previous activity from the user. Once assigned responsibility, the testifiers will be notified to complete their testimony for the bill, along with information on the bill. They will be further notified if there are any changes to the bill and at specific time points that the managers specify for notification. These quality-of-life changes will make the job of the manager significantly easier and speed up the legislative process. After the testimony is written, the testifier will upload the testimony directly to the approval committee with one click, unlike the current system in which the manager needs to upload testimony after the testifiers have uploaded testimony to them. This will be directly reported to all monitoring entities through a timeline, in which they can see when the testimonies have been written, when they’ve been approved, and how they relate to the hearing dates. Visualized reports will be built for executives, managers, and writers for their perspectives.

How we built it

Salesforce has many of the tools we need to build our platform via AppExchange and Salesforce's built-in Einstein Bots. No coding at all.

Challenges we ran into

Our entire team was quite busy, and thus we had very little time to work on the project. Additionally, working with Quip was quite a challenge, as we are not too familiar with Quip trial account integration with Salesforce.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to turn nothing into something and build such a project from the ground up, despite the short timeframe, despite how busy we were, and despite the fact that we did not know much Salesforce.

What we learned

The basic theory behind software design and some basic salesforce.

What's next for Smart Bill Tracker

Complete the app with full AI capabilities, recommend the app to the DOE and other relevant agencies, and post the app on AppExchange

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