Inspiration : Enriching the experience of customer interaction with the bank representatives, answering questions that even representatives cannot sometimes. Eventually replacing the bank advisors with our ML powered intelligent banking system.

What it does : Bringing the knowledge of customer representatives within an A.I. powered mobile application.

How we built it : we used android as front end. Used Alexa as middle wear. Our third tier or backend is made in python and hosted on bluemix

Challenges we ran into : 1.Configuring Alexa skills. 2. Using IBM-Watson for speech to text conversion for .wav file.

  1. Writing machine learned backend

Accomplishments that we're proud of :

What we learned : Amazon Alexa Skill set, Alexa Voice Service, Bluemix, Watson.

What's next for Intelligent Banking Assistant : To add variety of features present in banking world and developing a platform on which various banks can build there A.I. powered app.

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