After seeing unstable internet connectivity issues during emergencies

What it does

In Emergency a PC Server with bluetooth connecitivity will send alerts to all the nearby bluetooth devices with app Intelligent Andro Blue Public Safety.All those devices will act as both server and client.They receive those alerts and will send once again to all the devices near to them.Thus alerts will be sent on stable network.

How we built it

We built PC Server using J2ME and developed Intelligent Andro Blue Public Safety using Android.

Challenges we ran into

Faced socket connectivity issues from client to server and in broadcasting those messages to all near by clients

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learnt about bluetooth and bluetooth connectivity programtically thoroughly.Also learnt on team working

What we learned

Learnt about bluetooth programming using android and Java.learntClient server programming bluetooth

What's next for Intelligent Andro Blue Public Safety

We are facing some exception in some cases and are working to resolve them

Built With

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