The idea is to use the design of a birdhouse, that inside, install the Arduino 101 & SeeedStudio Grove Shield

What it does

  • Watering the garden or plants.
  • Turn on the lights garden
  • Sense the Temperature and Humidity
  • Be self-sustaining using solar cells to charge the batteries The imagination is the limit and all this in a beautiful birdhouse!

How I built it

Use a laser cutting model that I found in Thingiverse, I started to assemble the electronic circuit, joining the senses and actuators to the Grove Shield installed in the Arduino 101, to create the program, use a new firmware for IoT, created by MIT For its App Inventor platform.

Challenges I ran into

The firmware created by MIT is new and I did not work the PINS library, which blocked the TEMPERATURE library, so use the LED library to run the actuators. The other problem I encountered was with the Voltage Elvador, which did not work, so the part of the battery use and its recharge with solar cells stayed on hold until a new module that if it works.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having managed to develop my project in less than 8 days, as health problems prevented me from devoting more time.

What I learned

That the planning is very important for the development of any project.

What's next for Intelligent Birdhouse

Now that INTEL has announced that the Arduino 101 has fulfilled its life cycle, migrate to the use of new platforms such as LORA or Sigfox

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