What it does and why it matters

IntelliDrive adds time-based intelligence on long drives for truck drivers and road trippers. We are on a trip from New York to Las Vegas and we want to stop for food in 20 minutes.

(say Restaurant in 20)

We use IBM Watson Conversation to translate our request.

(Press Go)

We calculate these restaurants with Verizon's MapQuest Search API by using the distance away and longitude and latitude. Here, it recommends restaurants that are on my route 20 minutes away instead of just around me like Yelp.

Now, let's say I'm driving through the desert and I have a quarter tank left. If there isn't a gas station for 65 miles, I would like my app to warn me to get gas. With my car or here shown by my Arduino connected to the app, the light will turn from blue to red indicating a low tank. Using Verizon's Device Messaging, we'll get an SMS message from Verizon's SMS API saying we should get some gas.

(go back to map)

Talk or Type:

  • "What restaurants are 20 minutes away?"

Use Time Wisely:

  • If you’ve been driving for x amount of hours and there is an accident that will be cleared at this time, why not stop at this restaurant?
  • What time should I leave for my road trip?

Be Smart - Don’t Get Stranded:

  • SMS notifications on if something in your car is low (i.e. gas)

Communicate with passengers:

  • Create a group and use pubnub to allow multiple people to get that same message.

Right now, this lives in an iOS app, but it could easily live in your connected car and/or autonomous car in the future.

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