The hard to use, disorganized, and disjoint methods of presenting course information and lectures at our schools (UCLA and Cal) inspired us to create a unified interface.

What it does

Professors and students can create accounts. Professors can upload webcasts of their lectures as well as any supplementary materials. Students can register for classes, where they'll be able to watch all the lectures, search by topic, view and add supplementary materials (like worksheets or notes) andother helpful resources.

How I built it

The front end is built in Xcode using Swift (as an iPad app). The front end pings a REST API hosted on a Go web server (which also hosts the database). The web server authenticates users and handles file uploads and post requests. Webcasts are stored in Google Cloud Storage to allow for easy access and integration of the Google Cloud Speech API. The python script we created processes and annotates the videos (using speech-to-text from Google Cloud Speech API, Keyword Analysis from Azure Cognitive Services, and a custom program to find relevant online results), and sends the relevant info to the web server.

Challenges I ran into

Designing a clean UI, API limitations (with beta Speech API client library for instance) and quotas, creating a robust web-server, error handling (especially in communications between different components of program) and extracting videos and audio in the correct formats.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Strung together output from a variety of useful APIs to generate useful information. Gaining a deep understanding of Google Cloud Speech API and discovering errors with documentation that allowed us to provide Google with useful feedback. Handled errors across a variety of usecases (actually robust program).

What I learned

How to deal with processing/converting audio and video efficiently to prevent bandwidth choking. Knowledge about the interaction between databases/services.

What's next for IntelliCast

Creating an interactive interface that allows students to contribute and interact, and intelligent annotation/parsing of a variety of related materials from professors.

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