I've been wanting to make an automated Twitter bot using node.js for a couple weeks now, and when I saw that there was an award for "Best Use of WolframAlpha API," I knew that I could make a Twitter bot that answered questions asked to it.

What it does

The bot will answer your questions and provide information about whatever you want if you tweet at it with your query. It gets the answers by querying the WolframAlpha API.

How I built it

Using Twitter's API, WolframAlpha's API, and Node.js. I deployed the program into an Amazon EC2 instance so that it always stays online.

Challenges I ran into

Complications with formatting the output of the answer, and with breaking up answers that were longer than 140 characters into multiple tweet replies (because of Twitter's 140 character limit).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The bot is fully functional and it works better than I had initially envisioned =)

What I learned

Mostly how to use JavaScript's callback functions, and I gained some valuable knowledge of Node.js and different APIs

What's next for IntelliBot

Direct message functionality (so people can get questions answered privately).

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