The first aspect of the product was inspired by a night of partying that ended up at my house with many impaired party goers wanting to fly my drone. Being a responsible owner I laughed and denied the requests but it triggered the thought: Is there a way to completely baby-proof drones so that they could be safely flown in any situation with very minimal chances of damage or injury to anyone?

In finding the solution to that problem, I stumbled upon an even more valuable use-case!

The system I found that could protect the drone needed to cover it from every angle - hence the spherical design.

In covering the drone with a spherical structure with two degrees of freedom, I realized a camera could be mounted to it that would allow the user to view the environment around the aircraft from ANY angle without ever being blocked by the drone itself, as is the case with all drone vision systems.

This represents a huge paradigm shift in drone vision and will enable a perspective never achieved from any aerial platform.

Built With

  • solidworks
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