I am very fascinated with science and maths. I mentor Maths to a 9th grader.While teaching I felt that there are so many online materials available for students to go through along with the course books. There is no guided flow for topics. This inspired me to create the applications at least a lighter version. I believe it helps when examples are relevant and easy to understand via video or relevant links. I would like to build one day a tutoring agent like a teacher. so that students can get same understanding at home about topics. I did my schooling in India where teaching is too theoretical, I think something like this will help students irrespective of country.

What it does

A student can interact with the agent to understand Newton's law, periodic table and so on. It brings all relevant contents under 1 page. Interaction is a strong medium for conveying knowledge. While interacting with an intelligent agent, students can understand in a certain flow. No need to start directly with heavy maths.

How I built it

I used dialog service to create this app, deployed in Bluemix. I created the knowledge representation based frames to depict each topic.

Challenges I ran into

Time, I have been very busy with my office work. I am afraid to say that I didn't get lot of time to invest in this idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am happy that I can at least put the initial flow for this application the way I imagined and intelligent agent should respond to me and help me with my studies. I made this application fully working end to end. I am proud that I can use some of my time and effort to help students in STEM field. My share of effort is worth.

What I learned

A lot. I have always worked with web services. But the whole experience with Watson was simple and amazing. I learned how to apply some of AI based knowledge representations.

What's next for Intelli Tutoring Agent

I am really planning to build this complete application with voice over integration along with some NLP and extend it beyond STEM in all major languages.

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