Inspiration Micro and small business in this months have several difficulties to stay in business, so we design a solution to make them visual in the web with a platform which provides the opportunity to reach clients and offer secure options in different ways like hotels, restaurants, art and craft shops, culture and events. Register to the platform for business are totally free of charge, so for tourist, our business model are focused in sponsors and site announcements.

What it does THe platform connects the tourist direct with different kind of business, so the business reach the online market and the tourist find options which provides security, because they know the price, services and location before the travel.

How I built it Web platform was developed in JSON language, it has six modules and be linked to an encripted database design in MONGODB, it has an API which allows to share the DB between web and mobile platform from now the app just exist for Android OS.

Challenges I ran into Trust from business, (it sounds good, but, It really works?)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of We create not just a plattform, also we have a model of touristic office which is the start to transform small touristic destinations in Inteligent Touristic Locations, we provide a solution for the business make them visible in the internet in a free platform.

What I learned Design a new solution it´s a little bit complicated because people don´t believe in what you doing.

What's next for Inteligent touristic routes platform. THe next step is adapt the platform to IOS, incorporate QR codes and online paying methods. and the next phase is transform locations in the route in Inteligent Tourist Destinations with the axis of the Valencian model (gobernment, accesibility, technology, innovation and sustainability.

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