The distributed ledger is the basis technology for cryptocurrencies. While central banks can build CBDC using blockchain, most ledgers are not built for payment service. Because blockchains are public ledgers and central banks need transaction privacy as well as control over its crypto currency, there is a need for central bank to have a private ledger and a tool to connect the private ledger with the existing global financial infrastructure as well as other CBDCs. This, we would like to introduce IntelCentral.

What it does

IntelCentral is a platform on which:

  • Tractions on the CBDC private ledgers are verified by the same consensus protocol used by the XRP ledger
  • The CBDC private ledger is supported by Ripple Net technologies
  • The private XRP is based on the public XRP but is entirely private
  • XRP is a bridge crypto for different CBDC transactions on the private register and central bank transactions on the public register.
  • Users can open XRP accounts and send funds
  • Users can create trust line and send CBDC funds
  • Users can mint and burn CBDCs
  • Users can transfer CBDCs

How we built it

We built using XRP SDK, HTML, CSS, Javascript

XRP Transaction

  • Connecting to wss://
  • Connected. Sending XRP.
  • standby_wallet.address: = rfEfz311FZwMW3XRhgJZzUE2QAmoDP89fG
  • Balance changes: [ { "account": "rJja5bMvKf6Yt8qM41Yu5bxVN95x3Xey8G", "balances": [ { "currency": "XRP", "value": "100" } ] }, { "account": "rfEfz311FZwMW3XRhgJZzUE2QAmoDP89fG", "balances": [ { "currency": "XRP", "value": "-100.000012" } ] } ]

Challenges we ran into

We had challenges to build everything and integrate our idea to the final Dapp.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build the Dapp and explained our point

What we learned

We learnt about CBDCs, XRP, and the protocol and well as the process to integrate XRP to the system

What's next for IntelCentral

We would like to build security for the CBDC private ledger

Built With

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