Intel wearable technology is capable of doing many great things in society. However with only 12 hours and extremely limited knowledge of C, our team struggled with creating and learning how to to use the Intel Edison and the Xadow kit. Understanding much of today's fashion and hype, we created something that is unique, practical, and totally beautiful.

What it does

The Intel Fashion Compassion Belt shows off five different coloured LEDs and shows an inspirational message on the LCD screen attached to it. Not only will this belt be an astonishing fashion statement, but it will attract many different people and compliments to the user of the product.

How we built it

Having unbelievable difficultly with learning the complex language of C, with nearly an hour of help from Erika from Intel, we managed to create a program to shine the bright LEDs and display a message on the LCD screen. We connected the multiple modules to the Xadow board and then attached the powerful Intel Edison to it, creating a magical masterpiece.

Challenges we ran into

Even with several years of combined coding experience in Turing and Python, C was unthinkably difficult and confusing. Accepting defeat from the extent complexity of the vexed language of C, we settled by replicating much of the comment lacking examples.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fashion. Innovation. A final submission.

What we learned

Basic understanding of C with no previous knowledge of it, the sheer power of the Intel Edison paired with the modules from the Xadow wearable kit.

What's next for Intel Fashion Compassion Belt

More LEDs. More mixed patterns for the flashing LEDs. Better structural support. Patents. Celebrity Endorsements (Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Wiz Khalifa)

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