A few years ago I was working with a team of Java developers to deliver a Confluence Server add-on that allows IT service providers to integrate ConnectWise Manage with Confluence. Since it took a lot of effort we didn't get to move it to Confluence Cloud back then. Now to build something similar for Confluence Cloud (with less features) without any infrastructure is quite tempting. Forge UI looked good and the Atlassian Forge concept made a lot of sense to me.

What it does

The app is an integration with ConnectWise Manage so e.g. IT service providers can compile technical site documentation in Confluence Cloud instances, based on so called 'Configurations' stored in ConnectWise Manage. Confluence keeps track of changes (page history) and allows to configuration data from put multiple configuration types on the same page which makes it easy to gain an overview of all the tech. details captured.

How I built it

After studying a few Forge example apps for Confluence and experimenting with tutorials, I've grabbed a few building blocks and started hacking it together. I'm using the ConnectWise Rest API endpoints and ConnectWise API Member authentication.

Challenges I ran into

Limited support for UI elements. Lack of knowledge of the tech. stack (React, TypeScript, Hooks). I was new to the ConnectWise Rest API and the Forge Javascript API. I always find Confluence most useful when I can search for content keywords. So I decided to create pages rather than just render the external content inside a Confluence page.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've manage to build some 'templated' content (not using Confluence templates) so the user can create pages with a few clicks without having to place macros manually. The setup and settings screens have a nice flow and hopefully are intuitive to use. Also, the refresh button allows the user to pull a new version (using stored content properties).

What I learned

I've learned quite a bit about React, TypeScript, Hooks

What's next for Integration with ConnectWise Manage for Confluence Cloud

I still got a fair backlog of improvements. However, I'm most keen to hear some feedback from potential users. Would be really nice if we can offer the app on the Atlassian Marketplace as well.

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