traditional bond market is illiquid and less transparent . issuance of bonds requires multiple entities to determine the issuance debt price , interest rate , redemption details require bunch of offchain services / oracles . so in order to solve the inefficiencies and provide more transparency my collagues created the standard EIP-3475. and my aim for starting this project is to drive mainstream adoption in DeFI by integrating with DeFI lending protocol .

What it does

it allows the lending and borrowing on all the diffferent type of collaterals defined by the Multitoken library

How we built it

i build using solidity and hardhat integration

Challenges we ran into

understanding the mechanism and integration with the specifications .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

i was although not able to implement the MVP , but still understanding the functioning of was great experience .

What we learned

issuing loans p2p on pwn (nft lending )etc .

What's next for integration of EIP-3475 bonds with (WIP)

to implement MVP :) . link is here

Built With

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