We need a low cost and efficient Virtual Reality solution.

What it does

A custom Virtual Reality Environment/Hardware working in Unity

How I built it

Over the weekend, I finished Unity support for my custom headset as well as drivers for the different pieces of hardware. I Also worked on Motion Capture with my laptop webcam

Challenges I ran into

  • Learning python
  • Learning OpenCV
  • Coding drivers in C# for hardware
  • Arduino and Unity synchronization ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of
  • My system now supports Unity 3D with possible motion capture. ## What I learned
  • Python and OpenCV
  • Motion Capture and Image processing
  • Unity hardware connectivity
  • There are still many issues in the current build of the support software ## What's next for Integrated Virtual Reality System Continue working on unity support and add Unreal Support. Also keep polishing the hardware in reliability and performance.
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