We want to combat prevalent social issues that Seattle faces while also incentivizing travel to and education about the city. Social justice and equity is very important to our team, and we wanted to combine our love of travel with giving back. As such, our project promotes lesser known attractions in the Emerald City, while strongly encouraging donations to good cause agencies.

What it does

Plans and customizes an individual's trip to Seattle based on different factors, educates them on the locations they are visiting through information blurbs and photos, and prompts users to donate to a related cause. It also contains an itinerary for the user, and a calendar so the user can easily track their activities.

How we built it

Prototyped using Figma, built basic and functional front-end elements using HTML, CSS, and JS. We used Visual Studio Code and Github to collaborate and work together on features.

Challenges we ran into

Delegating our time, since we all wanted to complete the project and attend the educational sessions. However, we regularly met on Discord and Zoom to coordinate our separate pieces.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the prototype! Furthermore, we feel that we made an amazing front end. We asked many questions about how the user would see the app, and we also conducted basic user research by asking several friends (not involved with the hackathon) if they happened to think the features worked.

What we learned

How to adapt to an unknown environment, as 3/4 of our team were first-time hackers. As such, we relied on the knowledge and assistance of our experienced hacker.

What's next for Integrate

Get together outside of the hackathon and develop a full-fledged app! We are passionate about helping a community, and feel that Integrate has a lot of potential.

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