Welcome to the IntARnet, the augmented-reality geospatial social media platform to connect with your community. Enjoy your stay.

Social media doesn't have to be so 2 dimensional.

It's easy to get caught up in meaningless doomscrolling, spending hours doing nothing but sitting and scrolling through a feed of information that will never be relevant to our lives. Social media should not be this way, social media has the power to educate people and get them involved in their communities, thus we decided to create a new form of social media which focuses on local community interaction.

So what is IntARnet?

IntARnet is an AR social media where posts are drawings, texts, and 3D models placed around the world by users. In order to view a post, a user must walk to it as all posts have a geospatial anchor tying it to a physical location in the world. This means content the user will see will almost always likely be relevant to them as content must be created physically placed in the world by people in their community. In addition to this, doomscrolling is difficult as users must go walk outside to see posts, encouraging a more active lifestyle.

How was IntARnet made?

  • AR Implementation: Unity3D with ARFoundation, ARKit, and ARCore
  • 3D Content: Imported from Google Poly
  • Art & Graphic Design: Photoshop, Aseprite, and Figma

Challenges we ran into

Azure Spatial Anchors :(


  • Developing a fully functional AR application with support for custom user content
  • An incredibly aesthetic user interface reminiscent of the late 90s

What we learned

  • How to design for AR
  • 90s design style
  • How to work with Azure spatial anchors
  • iOS development

What's next for IntARnet

  • Implementing Azure for geospatial anchors
  • Implementing NFT for buying spaces as canvases or buying users' art
  • Creating better tools for making posts

Who We Are

We're Table 1, a hackathon team that enjoys XR and gamification.

Hackathon Info

Submitted to TartanHacks v10 (2021)


Fonts: Early Gameboy | IBM Plex Mono

Music: "Hourglass Meadow", by Oliver Buckland

Sound Effects: Mouse Click

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