I like insta. I like da bee movie. What if i could do both at the same time lol?

What it does

Adds the entire script of the bee move (not in order really) as captions to all photos in your instagram app as you browse by intercepting and rewriting packets

How we built it

1) Charles Proxy intercepts insta traffic and gets url of image to be displayed 2) Charles redirects insta app to a our server running locally 3) our server downloads the original image, and does shit to it, then serves it back 3.5) we actually have a secondary server to download the original images, since we can't download the original image on the same computer as the proxy, as that would result in an infinite loop lol 10/10 programming kek 4) Insta app on phone can't tell the difference, and => shows them memes lol

Challenges we ran into

Everything. This was really hard. It's a miracle anything works at all.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's up and running.

What we learned

  • node.js, while the best dev language, may not actually be the best dev language
  • openCV is poopy and can't facial detect for shit lol
  • Proxies are rad and also terrifying. you can inject arbitrary data (i.e: memes) into proprietary data stream (yo, insta, you guys should put some encryption up in your app dawgs, like, damn. We checked, Snapchat doesn't send their images / videos in a easy format. Step ur game up damn kiddies)

What's next for instameme.js

facial recognition to paste pictures of Barry B Benson and the entire cast of the bee movie onto your friends' faces.

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