Staying focused with the web at our fingertips has always been a major issue. We are constantly being distracted with video games, social media, and news. I had experience with website blockers in the past, but I always ended up either uninstalling or removing my "blocked sites" list from my browser. In a way, the accessibility and complexity of the extensions I had used made things more difficult. Thus, I was inspired to create a simplistic, less accessible yet still functional chrome extension to do the same things as the complex extensions did before, as well as help me become more productive with my work.

What it does

The main function of InTabular is blocking a list of URLs. When you go to these sites, the tab will be closed immediately. Therefore, you will return back to the previous tab you were working on, as if nothing happened. This is designed to prevent you from becoming frustrated with a "This site is blocked" local HTML file, and uninstalling the extension.

How I built it

I used Sublime Text to build this extension, and Google developer APIs. We started with the UI and then integrated google analytics into the backend to register when a user was attempting to load a restricted site.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating between file types, utilizing Google Analytics, and working with Chrome Developer commands. Also, deciding on an Idea! We spent the first few hours working on a project that would not have ended up in our final project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our front-end looks very polished considering the amount of time we had. We registered a whole domain for this project, and our extension works exactly how we wanted it to.

What I learned

Having no experience with Chrome extensions in the past, this was a great learning experience for all of us, as we did not have significant experience in web-apps and Javascript in the past.

What's next for Intabular

We plan to introduce more customizability into the app, and allow the user to add their own Icons/Productivity Sites on the main popup. Additionally, we want to introduce the ability for users to use Incognito Mode

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