What it does

Spotify playlists can be quite boring sometimes especially during parties. Without know music video, they seem a bit empty and if you play a Youtube video with you Spotify song, they will never be in sync. We have the perfect solution for this problem! In Sync, is a solution that uses audio fingerprinting to convert your party playlist (Youtube + Spotify) into correct time intervals. This way your song and the video always keep them in sync. We are currently using Redis Database to log any new songs that have been analyzed, and a Redis Queue for incoming song analysis on the backend side of things.

How we built it

Our Frontend is built with React JS and Backend has been built with Express and Python. The python API listens to any messages from the queue (express js) and process the request by generating audio fingerprints for the spotify file. After identifying the correct time interval between the Youtube Link and Spotify Song, the Python API returns the interval back to the Express API which, then adds the interval to the database. We have integrated the app with Spotify for logins and managing playlists. For every song in a playlist, the express app attempts to find a suitable music video on Youtube.

What's next for InSync

We want to expand this project towards Video Fingerprinting inorder to find duplicate videos for copyright violation detection on online platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

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