Every Canadian has insurance but not every Canadian knows how many benefits they have. This leads to everyday Canadians spending an average of 3100$ annually on insurance that they do not take full advantage of.

What it does

Client based tracking software where users can save their information in our 256 bit encrypted database, and continuously track and calculate their remaining benefits throughout the year

How I built it

We built it through pyqt5 and pyodbc, using python code to track and place our users values into a Access database that is 256 bit encrypted.

Challenges I ran into

Having the Front end and the Back end work together seemed to give us issues, but with more time we are able to make this project fully functioning with a lot of potential for scalability.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using database knowledge and getting this idea to work was great, awesome work from my whole team.

What I learned

I learned a lot about python libraries and how useful they are.

What's next for InsureDataSafe

Client side encryption, coverage calculator, current policy adjust and a functioning database that can be manipulated from the website

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