Inspiration & Business Case

Traditionally, buying Insurance is a cumbersome process and depends on the information provided by the Insurance Agents or websites, wherein, the options are limited.

The Premium is dependent on various parameters, which we may not be aware of. Hence, we may not buy the right type of Insurance, which we might have been our need.

Insurance companies too want the customer to make an informed decision, by providing the required information and details of what is covered by their products.

Hence, there is a need for ‘On-Demand’ Insurance, wherein the customer can understand how these parameters will affect the premium he will be paying, and what is covered in the policy.

And hence, through ‘On-Demand’ Insurance, the customers can actually feel confident that they have the protection they need, while only paying for what coverage they actually require.

Hence, we present inSure +, which is your On-Demand Insurance Platform, which provides an Intuitive UI to instantly see how these parameters affect the premium, then compare various plans and then, buy the Policy Instantly!

What it does

inSure+ is your 'On-Demand' Insurance platform, available over Web, which enabled you to:

  • Get Instant Quotes for Leisure Travel Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance & Renter's Program Insurance
  • Search based on Multiple Different parameters which affects the Premium and get a Quote right away
  • Compare Different Insurance Plans through an Intuitive UI and understand how the plans differs in Features and Coverage
  • Buy the Insurance through couple of clicks, right away!
  • Chat Bot to help you talk to, in order to buy your Leisure Travel Insurance!

How we built it

inSure+ is a Web based solution, available over Internet and is built using latest Web based technologies. It is responsive and so can be used over mobile devices as well.

On the backend, it is deployed over highly scalable Node.JS Server and connects to Solartis Web APIs to get the required Premium quotes, Customer Management and to Buy the Policies.

It uses the below Solartis Web APIs:

  • Travel insurance - rating, create customer, pay & issue APIs
  • Professional Liability insurance - rating API
  • Renter’s insurance - rating API

What's next for inSure +

  • Due to lack of time, we could not integrate the Renter's Insurance - Policy Document Generation API, but can be done easily in the framework. We would like to add the same as soon as possible.
  • Also, add Chat Bot for other Insurance Types
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