The long and tedious process of processing insurance claims. With Machine learning capabilities from Azure and AWS, we strived to expedite this long process.

What it does

We developed an app that allows users in accidents to take pictures of their damaged car, and from there, we used Machine learning to determine what percentage the car is damaged. From this and other information submitted by the user, we can make insurance companies' lives way easier by providing them information such as the model of the car, the current market value of the car as well as what % the car is damaged. This will ultimately help speed up their process of determining how much to pay the user for their damaged car alot quicker and the user will get cash back 10x faster.

How I built it

We used Android studio and java.

Challenges I ran into

Getting azure's custom Vision API to work was a big pain.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Its Done!

What I learned

Lots! We learned tons about android studio and how to use azure's custom Vision API.

What's next for Insure

We plan to expand our target audience to target other insurances, such as house insurance, etc.

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