We wanted to work on implementing auto-insurance policies that would look appealing not only to people who are looking to save some money from their regular insurance plans, but also to companies who want to offer attractive and beneficial deals to their customers.

What it does

The objective of the InsuranceApp is to reward the customers of an auto-insurance company who can successfully manuever severe weather conditions on road by following appropriate instructions given by the weather map on our web app. On the one hand, good drivers will be offered points with which they can claim discounts for their payments in subsequent billing cycles. On the other hand, companies will see their clients sticking to their plans as they thrive to earn rewards. Also, as people drive carefully to earn more points, they will naturally reduce their chances of meeting with an accident, which, on a larger scale, will save significant money for the insurance company.

How we built it

We used the traditional divide, conquer and agile approach to respectively plan, schedule and complete our project. First, the database was set up using MongoDB, and data from API calls were incorporated in the system. The backend development was mostly done using Python and JavaScript. Then, the core algorithm of the project was formulated, and it was merged in the system for processing data to receive corresponding outcomes. Finally, the UI part was developed using CSS and HTML.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we wanted to add more parameters that would determine the point rewards. We tried to encompass speed limit into our algorithm, but it did not fit like we wanted to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our greatest accomplishment is to successfully make a working model of the program.

What's next for InsuranceApp

Next step for us and our web app is to deploy our program into AWS, and subsequently add more features to the app.

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