From my personal experience, as an international student, I did not know much about the U.S healthcare system. I had to worry about a hospital bill. Since I don't know any source of this insurance policy, I wasted time and money searching for this information and my problem stills unsolved.

What it does

It is an A.I chatbot to get user input such as their insurance policy, the treatment they received. From this information, it calculates an estimated of the percentage that your insurance will cover for you

How I built it

We used as the NLP source to train the bot of user input. We used Facebook Messenger as our platform and deploy it on ngrok.

Challenges I ran into

We don't have much experience in working with Node.js, Wit A.I, AWS Alexa, EC2 to deploy

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is our first-hackathon ever. Learning about new things such as AWS Alexa, Wit. A

What I learned

How to develop a project from an idea.

What's next for Insurance Bot and Alexa

Phone Implementation. Access online Insurance Policy through API provided by insurance companies.

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