Making America Healthy

What it does

Insurance Rewards Marketplace, the market place where insurance companies will invest in their customers and customers will pay them back by staying healthy, this makes customers earn majority of incentives with some minimal coaching type of wellness incentives upfront. It is a voluntary marketplace where you can participate once you purchase health insurance. Having a health insurance policy is mandatory to participate in this platform. The idea behind this is to create tailor made goals for individuals based on their overall health condition and incentivize them to achieve their goals. This platform will be automated through a combination of “Smart Contract & Blockchain” technology. An Ethereum based smart contract will execute once a particular threshold is met and will trigger incentives specified in the contract by crediting health points. Health points can be earned by submitting evidences through their smart watches or by scanning receipts (E.g. Yoga class receipts, Counselling receipts, meditation class receipts…….) If the customer completes the specific goal selected through this platform for a defined period, he / she is eligible for the complete reward which will be credited to the customers wallet.

This platform also has activity goals tied to your passion like dancing, biking, hiking. Etc

How I built it

Insurance Rewards Market place is built with Meteor, using Ethereum Blockchain, smart contracts and IPFS as the underlying technologies to handle contractual plans that are created by Insurance companies. In the future we intend to implement a mobile application to all the platforms and support a variety of wearable devices to submit evidences for a greater user experience.

Challenges I ran into

Acclimatizing ourselves to the Blockchain concept and figuring out the intricacies of the Smart contract.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting acquainted with Blockchain concept in the last 72 hours and building a great solution that we think the market lacks to create a healthy America Deciphering the world of Smart Contracts in the last 72 hours Deriving a concept on Blockchain and Smart Contracts, implement a block chain prototype

What I learned

Prelude into the fascinating world of Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Crypto Currency

What's next for Insurance Rewards Marketplace

We have an elaborate business plan; welcome investors to evaluate and invest in this amazing platform.

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