Insurance documents are notoriously complicated. It is hard for customers to claim their auto and home insurances if they have never done so.

What it does

We created Shinzy, a website that summarizes complicated documents into short, easy to understand words. Simply upload the document below and Shinzy will output the simplified text. Moreover, in case you have a question, you can ask Shinzy directly using the chatbot in the bottom right corner.

How we built it

In order to accomplish this feat, we created a website using html and css bootstrap where we incorporated the Ada chatbot to improve the customer experience. To handle the HTTP requests, we wrote a flask backend. Shinzy also uses T5, a pre-trained encoder decoder model in pytorch, to abstractively summarize documents. Finally, the chatbot utilizes Ada’s services for a fluid user experience.

Challenges we ran into

At first, we imagined the project to be done in an Android application, but that proved difficult since Ada couldn't incorporated easily with the language that we were using. Hence, we decided to create a website instead which turned to have a wonderful result.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully linked the Ada API with our website and integrated a summarization function for long and complex insurance documentations.

What we learned

While it was fun to implement all those functionalities, we also learned that Android development can be difficult to connect to multiple different APIs. Along the way, we also all gained experience using flask, HTTP requests, as well as the Ada API.

What's next for Insurance Helper Bot

Even though we have accomplished the basic functionalities of Shinzy, we look forward to put more work on the front-end of our web page. Moreover, we would like to speed up the summarization process and simplify the process for users by introducing a database.

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