Get an opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, and meet with the companies while also challenging myself.

What it does

It helps users understand auto insurance, what causes an increase in premium, and helps them take an informed decision.

How we built it

• Brainstorming • Figuring out our skills • Using the right technology stack • writing down each scenario • dividing the project into 4 equal parts for each member. • helping each team member

Challenges we ran into

Before coming to this hackathon, we were not aware of the challenges that the sponsor companies wanted us to solve. Our plan was to create a project called a program on which we spend more than 2 hours after coming to the hackathon. However, after learning about the challenges, we were able to quickly adapt and came up with solutions instead of giving up.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of ourselves for helping each other out and keep pushing each other throughout this project to do better and improve ourselves.

What we learned

Being open-minded about different types of codes and technologies. Finding out what companies need and what roles are valuable in the industry. And most importantly asking for help.

What's next for The Game of Insurance

We are planning on creating a backend with a database where users can store their information, scores, and insurance quotes based on their decisions in the game. We are also planning on adding more real-life scenarios and adding a feature to educate users about home insurance.

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