Working for a medical provider, it was apparent that excessive amounts of time and money are wasted in the billing process on both ends of the transaction. Not only this, but insurance policies are often limited to the home state (U.S.) and only with select doctors, which has caused us to miss many opportunities to treat patients. If there were a plan/protocol that had no borders, based it's payout on the local average (+/-) and paid any doctor willing to accept the given amount, I believe that this can revolutionize the insurance industry. People would be insured no matter where they were, medical providers would get near-immediate payment at average to above average rates and both parties (provider and insurance "company") would be able to cut billing overhead immensely.

What it does

At the moment, InsuraBlock is only able to fetch the local insurance coverage data from a sample dataset (we've only really been able to get to work on this for 6 days). The overall project aims to do much more, however.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

We were people from different parts of the world so communication has been difficult. Finding the proper dataset for this application was tough as well but I believe we found it. Having to spend time clean up my computer to have more storage and energy on the blockchain.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the ball rolling on this project and contributing to a wonderful community on the bleeding edge of data tech.

What I learned

Communication and time management will be essential moving forward, the three of us are from all around the world.

What's next for InsuraBlock

Not sure as of yet, financial backing is available provided we can prove this concept. If so, InsuraBlock research and development will go forward at full speed. Looking for developers that wish to join a project like this, we also have a network of medical facilities that can help make real-world adoption a possibility.

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