Inspired by Interledger, which provides a robust architecture to send and receive small payments, Insura-ledger is a platform designed to stream insurance payments which are actively adjusted according to certain criteria. The technology of streamed insurance payments, combined with advanced insights, can provide insurers with a system that is more reactive to customer habits. Not only can insurers better manage customer premiums, but people can reduce their insurance premiums by practicing safe and secure habits.

What it does

Insura-ledger is generically a payment stream platform that has the ability to weight stream segments according to a computed score.

This project also provides two use case demonstrations, Vehicle Insurance and Health Insurance showcasing:

  • How Vehicle Insurance premiums could be adjusted at times of scored unsafe driving
  • How Health Insurance premiums could be adjusted at times during physical activity

How we built it

Insura-ledger is broken into 3 main parts:

  • Cloud payment platform
  • Vehicle Insurance usecase prototype
  • Health Insurance usecase prototype

Cloud payment platform

The backend primarily consists of two main applications:

  • REST API and payment distributor
  • Data and fund authority

The Kensho API was used to look at stock trends quarterly using a linear regression model. This information could be used to suggest/gamify selecting insurance providers depending on a insurance score.

Vehicle Insurance usecase prototype

Uses Tesla Model S location and speed through smartcar API, combined with traffic/road data from and Azure Maps API to determine if vehicle is speeding.

Health Insurance usecase prototype

Partial implementation

Uses Raspberry PI and Arduino w/encoder to simulate exercise equipment. As wheel speed increases, the streamed value decreases. System also includes face recognition authentication using Azure Face API.

Using Azure Vision API, food it can be determined as well as the distinction between salad and pizza. Choosing a salad would result in a decreased streamed value.

Challenges we ran into

Deploying Interledger applications to Azure provided challenges regarding cloud network settings.

What's next for Insura-ledger

Experiment with other ways to score premium multipliers.


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Camera
  • Arduino Uno
  • Encoder
  • Speaker
  • Tesla Model S


  • smartcar
  • Kensho
  • Interledger

Azure Cloud used:

  • Cosmos DB
  • Redis Cache
  • Cognitive Services Computer Vision
  • Cognitive Services Face
  • Cognitive Services Custom Vision
  • Cognitive Services Speech
  • Maps
  • VM
  • Web App
  • Blob Storage

Built With

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