Diabetes is a disease that affects over 422 million people worldwide

All of our group members were able to identify a family member or relative who is affected by Type 2 Diabetes. We also realized that we were all genetically prone to Type 2 Diabetes.

Based on this, we were inspired to create a tool to help manage the effects of the disease. InsuLINK is an android app designed to help type 2 Diabetes patients manage their health and monitor their blood sugar levels.

What it does

Allows diabetics to log and track their A1C results, glucose test results, and medication doses. Users can also converse with Bea, the chatbot that implements Machine Learning to receive advice regarding their diet, medication, and side-effects. Another feature is the information page which includes information from the CDC and informs the user about Type 2 Diabetes. The login and signup page implements Google firebase for authentication.

How we built it

We built InsuLINK using Android Studio. We also implemented Firebase authentication for the login and real-time databases for logging glucose test results and HgA1c test results. The user is also able to log medication and when they took it so that they do not double dose. Our app has a chatbot that implements a machine learning model to advise and coach diabetics specifically regarding diet and medication side effects. This chatbot was achieved by training the bot with several resources primarily diabetic websites and AIML and syncing the IntelliJ console to the Android studio to run our bot.

Challenges we ran into

For one of our group members, this was her first time using Android Studio to build an app and this was the second hackathon that two team members have ever attended. As a group, we initially struggled to get comfortable with using Android Studio as we are still beginners and we also had problems related to the version of Android Studio that we had installed. However, we persevered and we are proud of our final product!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are especially proud of the chatbot that we built. We are also proud that we worked through our problems as a team and we were able to successfully build an android app!

What we learned

We learned a lot about using Android Studio.

  • Working around the quirks of Google firebase and firebase auth and real-time databases
  • learning basic machine learning and training using AIML

What's next for InsuLINK

  • UI Improvements
    • We made the app focusing on the ML and Firebase; in the future, we would like to make the app more user friendly. Our priority was functionality.
  • More Training for Bea, the Bot
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