Having family members living with diabetes, we knew the challenges diabetic patients faced. Before every meal, the patient must take an insulin dosage as a carbohydrate coverage and correct high blood sugar. This dosage is dependent on various factors including the medical condition of the patient, the type of insulin they are taking, their blood glucose levels, and the number of carbohydrates in their meal. Determining precise insulin dosage is therefore difficult especially for newer diabetic patients.

What it does

Our product, Insulife, is an Android application that helps a diabetic patient determine their necessary insulin dosage before a meal and keep track of their carbohydrate intake. Users must first register for an account and make a profile with medical information specific to them. The user can then use Insulife to calculate their insulin dosage before a meal. Furthermore, Insulife can help determine the number of carbohydrates in certain foods.

How we built it

We built the Insulife app using Android Studios and Nutritionix API.

Challenges we ran into

Our most pressing issue was trying to use the Cloud Vision API. It was troublesome to recognize and isolate the specific functions and methods that contributed to associating labels to the image. As a result, we made the main food input manual.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Not falling asleep

What I learned

How to Android Studios and API requests! ...And Google Cloud

What's next for Insulife

We hope to use Cloud Vision API to determine the number of carbohydrates from an image of a certain food.

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