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In this globalized world, one of the many things that unites us as a society is music; learning to differentiate instruments that are played among our and other communities helps us create empathy between neighbors and friends, but what happens if you can't differentiate between a guitar and a mandolin? This is where Instrument Master comes along

What it does

Instrument Master is the prototype of a web service focused on elementary kids to learn (just like the prototype) differentiate between the different sounds some instruments make.

It is very simple to use:

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Play your instrument
  3. Look at the probabilities rise in your screen just when a popup window marks what instrument is most likely to be

How we built it

Using the Teachable Machine tool, the first step was to give samples of audio (approximately 200 samples of each instrument and 100 of Background Noise) corresponding to the instruments we wanted the machine to learn to differentiate, once the training was complete, we passed the code to CodePen to edit the front-end look, designing our own mascot and color palette to finally deliver the final prototype look. We referenced from w3school website for sintaxis

Challenges we ran into

  • The first challenge we ran into was the coding part since both of us had never used JS or CSS before, so it was a learning process were we had to investigate commands and tools to make our vision come true.
  • We also had to learn more html sintaxis since some parts of the machine learning were in that part of the code, so in order to edit it we had to do some trial-error programming to see where we could edit and where we couldn't

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As mentioned above, we are proud to have been able to learn new programming tools so necessary in the professional life of a software engineer such as JavaScript and CSS, just like learning some new ones related to machine learning in such an interactive way. We are also proud and satisfied with delivering a finished project in the period of time given

What we learned

  • JavaScript, html and CSS sintaxis and concepts
  • How to operate and train a model using Google's Teachable Machine
  • How to use CodePen

What's next for Instrument Master

The next step for Instrument Master is to migrate it to an app, so it's more accesible to our target audience and other people. Currently, we can differentiate 3 instruments and are searching to have more sound samples of more variated instruments

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