People in modern days are quite lazy, a lot of people are forced to stay at home, setting up your IKEA office furniture can be hectic. We need to save the world one barcode scan at a time!

Building a community for problem-solving like this by enabling users to share their experiences with everything available on the retail market. We aim to make lockdown simple and enjoyable for young office workers that are forced to stay at home.

What it does

This software supports account login and verification to make sure your information is secure with us. On top of that, we provide a variety of functionalities, you can swipe up, scan the barcode, the system automatically pushes the best tutorial video for the corresponding product.

How we built it

We have leveraged our knowledge of Node.js, MongoDB as well as SwiftUI to craft a very smooth user experience. Generally, we separated our project into front-end and back-end development.

With 2 people for each category, front-end and back-end we have SwiftUI was used to implement front-end capabilities such as passing login information and barcode scanning. As well, we have also implemented MongoDB, as well as Node.js to handle database and server functions respectively.

Challenges we ran into

  • Project planning was a big issue due to insufficient communication within the team's workflow, front-end developers have implemented a different approach causing a disconnect with the backend progress. However, realizing that, we started to pay more attention to effective collaborations(ie. adding clearer comments, verbal communications).

  • Video hosting on cloud storage and video streaming from the online repository to portable devices was challenging for us since we did not have many experiences in the field. Our research revealed that the best way to stream a video is to split a video into chunks, which enabled us to provide faster load times and fostered a better user experience.

What we've learned

  • We learned how to use Discord as an online collaborating platform more effectively.

  • We perfected our skills connecting the front-end to the back-end of a project.

  • All of us took the time to explain our code/ideas, perfected communication skills and cultivated a more effective teamwork environment.

What's next for Instructions+

With the aim of building a community, we will keep perfecting our verification system by implementing artificial intelligence with image recognition capabilities, which verifies videos and deletes irrelevant uploads to ensure the quality of the content we provide.

We will keep updating the UI and add more social-media-like features into the app, such as a friends system and a contribution system.

We will add a feature that uses image recognition to identify scanned objects.

We will also implement a like/dislike system to ensure the quality of the videos is ensured.

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