Download profile pictures, public images, and videos available on instagram directly from command line.


$ npm install --global instavim


$ sudo npm install --global instavim


This tool works completely fine and does everything which is mentioned in the readme, but Instagram is making continuous changes and constantly reducing the ways to retrive data. I've fixed this tool many times in a single week and to be honest, it's kinda irritating for me to make changes on a daily basis. Feel free to file an issue or send Pull requests in case further changes happens in future.

Thank You!



NOTE : Images and videos will be saved under Instagram folder in home directory

Resolutions Available

Resolution Size
Small 150x150 px
Medium 320x320 px
Regular 640x320 px
Full 1080x1080 px
 Usage    : instavim [command] <username/link>

 Command  :       <for profile picture>
 -s, --small     downlaod profile picture in small resolution
 -m, --medium    download profile picutre in medium resolution
 -r, --regular   download profile picutre in regular resolution
 -f, --full      download profile picture in full resolution

 Note : It works for the accounts which are both, public and private

 Command  :       <download via links>
 -l, --link      download image via link
 -v, --video     download video via link

 Example  : instavim -f 9gag
            instavim -l <link>

 Note : Works only if the link is associated with public media


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MIT - Copyright © Rishi Giri

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