We wanted to use the Clarifai API to do something very different that could give insights into your life in a way you wouldn't think would be realistic.

What it does

InstaType asks you to log into your Instagram account, then analysis your images, videos, and posts with the Clarifai API and various word classification APIs. Using the data discovered, it will determine your Myers-Briggs personality type and give you an overview of the previous year through social media's eyes.

How we built it

The server is built in Node.js to interface with various APIs. The frontend is built in vanilla HTML/CSS/JS and jQuery.

Challenges we ran into

Originally, we wanted to create a card counting AI that could detect the a playing card, keep track of the score, and then decide if it wanted to hit or stay. However, Clarifai couldn't detect cards, symbols, or numbers, and its training API was down for the majority of the event. So we decided to pivot and see what ideas we could come up with using only Clarifai's tags.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We tried hard on our first project idea, failed, then learned from our mistakes and tried even harder for this new idea. Ultimately, we met our goal of attempting to predict your Myers-Briggs type. One of the dev's type (obtained from the extensive personality test) was (see screenshots). These user's actual result will likely always be ESFP because of pressure to conform to social media and make yourself seem exciting. We've been running user tests for several hours before the end of the hackathon deadline and are noting observations when people comment that their actual Myers-Briggs and how they realize that their online personalities actually differ from their IRL personas. InstaTag Result Actual Result

What we learned

We learned what is and isn't possible with image recognition AI and how to quickly shake off from past failures and pivot into new ideas based on what we learned.

What's next for InstaType

Bigger and better analysis! New social media platforms! The possibilities are endless!

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