While browsing spicy memes on Instagram, one of our team members would save posts within Instagram. The problem was, that "Saved" library could only be accessed within Instagram, shared within Instagram, and if the original post or account was deleted, the spicy meme was gone, too.

What it does

When browsing a social media app, you take a screenshot of a post you like. We use GCP's Cloud Vision API to detect textual blocks in the image and use some custom algorithmic magic to make a crop of the image that cuts out the clutter. You can then browse and organize your photo library in the InstaRip app.

How we built it

Google's Flutter framework for the mobile app, and Firebase Functions, Storage, Database, and Auth for the backend stuff. And GCP Cloud Vision.

Challenges we ran into

Using GCP Cloud Vision is not easy. Neither is figuring out Google's documentation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Took a convenient idea and made it into a very easy-to-use app!

What we learned

Just use the SDK libraries properly. Testing the MLKit functions for on-device processing would be cool, too.

What's next for InstaRip

Detect more social media post types, and better.

Built With

  • flutter
  • firebase
  • love
  • typescript
  • vscode
  • android-emulator
  • usb-cable
  • firebase-functions
  • firebase-auth
  • gcp
  • cloud-vision-api
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