InstaQuote is an SMS based service that allows users to get a new car insurance quote without the hassle of calling their insurance provider and waiting in a long queue.

What Inspired You

We wanted a more convenient way to get a quote on auto-insurance in the event of a change within your driver profile (i.e. demerit point change, license class increase, new car make, etc...) Since insurance rates are not something that change often we found it appropriate to create an SMS based service, thus saving the hassle of installing an app that would rarely be used as well as the time of calling your insurance provider to get a simple quote. As a company, this service would be useful for clients because it gives them peace of mind that there is an overarching service which can be texted anytime for an instant quote.

What We Learned

We learned how to connect API's using Standard Library and we also learned JavaScript. Additionally, we learned how to use backend databases to store information and manipulate that data within the database.

Challenges We Faced

We had some trouble with understanding and getting used to JavaScript syntax

Built With

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