I wanted to build an application that will consolidate all types of payments - like personal, business, subscriptions, charity etc in a single location. Using PayID made these payments realtime and instant. Also wanted a easy way to keep track of transactions

What it does

This is a single place to handle all types of payments we handle in everyday life

  1. Send/Receive money to/from friends and family
  2. Send invoices and request payments from business (for freelancers)
  3. Scan and pay using QR codes
  4. Manage all subscriptions and recurring payments
  5. Create new contacts using just their PayID
  6. Manage business payments
  7. Search , explore and donate to charities easily
  8. It also calculates exchange rate using various APIs
  9. This app generates PayID using '' domain - eg: demo$
  10. User profile picture fetched using gravatar
  11. Insta pay works on both mobile and web browsers. Mobile compatibility ensures easy QR scanning

This application is full authenticated. New users can sign up and existing users can login and perform all transactions.

How I built it

The payID server is hosted on Amazon EC2 server using docker images Insta Pay application is built using Ruby on Rails and is hosted on heroku

Tech Stack

  • AWS EC2
  • Docker
  • Heroku
  • Node.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PayID
  • Xspring SDK -XRP Test ledger
  • Cryptoconvert API
  • QR code scanner / generator

Demo credentials

Challenges faced

Understanding PayID protocol and Xspring was initially difficult. But I later got comfortable with it, and wrote my own Ruby API client for PayID as well.

Achievements I'm proud of

I have added the option to search and donate to charities. This solves the problem of discovery and micro-donations and can help charity organisations

What's next for instapay

I want to integerate other payment methods available for PayID.

Built With

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